Tracking flight prices

Designing flight price tracking for an existing flight aggregator product,

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Enabling Sleep Analysis
UX, UI, Data visualization

The project aimed to design data visualizations for analysis of sleep data. The data was collected using Emfit Quiet Sleep sensor. The challenge was to visualize it in a way that enabled health coaches to identify discrepancies easily and accurately. However, similar visualizations were needed for their clients as well, who did not have access to similar medium to consume the information.

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Story of swords of middle-earth

I realized that a lot of genealogy diagrams of LOTR already exist. So I decided to add a little twist to mine: instead of people being the main characters in my visualization, swords would take the front stage.

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Sundarbans | Brand Design
Brand design

Sundarbans is a forest in the western coastal region of Bangladesh in Bay of Bengal. It was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. This project was done as a brand design exercise for Sundarbans.

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