08 May 2014

The way idle-ists are

I remember a story from the life and times of Alexander. It goes somewhat like this:

When Alexander ruled whole of Persia(today’s middle-east), he thought of ruling India the next. He and his army was astonished by the grandeur of Himalayas. For them it was something that couldn’t have existed. To add to the astonishment, he met a gymnosophist. The gymnosophist was just lying around in the cool winds of the mountains, didn’t seem worried at all even though he had almost no clothing(to protect from cold) and no food. Alexander just asked him about his lifestyle. The gymnosophist just told him that he didn’t do anything at all and he thinks it’s fine. But to Alexander it was like wasting life.

So, there was a difference of world view between the gymnosophist and Alexander. Why?
For Alexander, it was just one life that he had, and everything he did mattered. In contrast, the gymnosophist thought that he had infinite lives(as per the mythologies he believed in). So, anything that Alexander did mattered, because he had ‘one’ as denominator where as for gymnosophist the denominator for all his deeds was ‘infinity’: so all he did would come back to zero at last.

Was anyone wrong? Absolutely not. They both were correct as per their beliefs and understanding. But I believe that the gymnosophist was to a great extent more selfish than Alexander. I know, most people will disagree. Let me explain.

Alexander was in some sense creating jobs for all the soldiers, cooks, servants that he had, he was making a difference for those people. Gymnosophist was however a contradiction, he didn’t even save a dieing fish that was washed away by the wave of the river. I know that for Alexander the intentions were to rule the world, but for gymnosophist the intentions were to live his life(that was the end of it). Alexander was ready to take up challenges and fight for people he was ruling, that’s what a king does. But on the other hand gymnosophist didn’t even think of anyone else. He was content with what he had, and lived on food given to him as donations.

According to gymnosophist, there wasn’t any effect on the larger scheme of things of any of his actions. But really is that true? I guess not. What is the whole point of existence then? Each and everyone’s existence has effect on each and every atom existing in the universe.

Now, if you believe that, go out there and find a purpose for your lives. What way do you want the world to change and make your life worth the time you spend here.

19 Nov 2013

When death looked into my eyes

Climbing a mountain we thought was easy. Yes, it was indeed. But later that night, the moon shone upon the white snow. We stood there waiting for a cellphone, to call our homes and tell our parents that all was well. It was cold, very cold. Almost everything not in direct radiation of the fire, seemed to shiver. All our cellphone signals were out. But like a blessing from the God, BSNL was still transmitting. Hell, none of us had a BSNL connection.

We go into our rooms to sleep well. Well, it wasn’t late, it was just 8 in the night, still we were sleepy, climbing a mountain is tiresome. Soon, I was shivering, beyond imagination. And sooner I was out of my senses. I thought I was sleeping well. But I was feeling cold. I tried to say it, I don’t remember saying it though. When I opened my eyes, I saw long necked people, their arms extending beyond my sight like street-lamp poles on a foggy day. I don’t remember their faces, I guess I didn’t see them. Soon I realized I was dreaming. It was like the movie inception, I could feel my dream. but really this was the first time I was dreaming of such things and in this particular way. I knew there was no electricity where I was sleeping, but I saw a bright light, it was beautiful. I heard someone say something in an unrecognizable tongue.

But then those sounds were merged with some known voice. I remember someone commanding others to put on the candle. But there was no need of one where I was. Then a strong jolt went through my body, I don’t know whether in this world or beyond, but it was like a moment that taught me everything. It was amazing. I realized that I am about to die. I thought this can’t be, this can’t be so beautiful. But then, it was too soon too.

With all my force I could gather, I started dictating my last messages. Hoping that probably someone in this world would listen to them. I said them for a long time, 10-12 hours I guess. But then there was a big smash on my head, I woke up. It was difficult to breathe. I was under a ton of weight, like my ribs just holding it enough and a feather more would cause them to break. With all my strength that I could gather, I shouted to remove the load from me. And soon after that I was well, I could stand. I asked one of my friends about the time, it was merely 10:30 of the same night.

I wasn’t surprised for I spent almost a day struggling and here it was just 2 and a half hours gone. I knew I was dying. This experience is something I would never forget. Probably, this is the first time I am telling it the way I wanted to. But, it taught me one thing,
Life is a journey, enjoy it, don’t waste it doing shit. Be kind to people, as they are also going to die someday, give them a good experience to remember in their journey. But remember there is no destination for this journey. Maybe you can put a destination for a day, maybe for a week. but what after that and what if you didn’t live a week ?

I know most of you won’t believe me on this story, but trust me.
And if you can, ask those 5 of my friends, you will know.

18 Oct 2013

Where the limit lies ?

Shifting headquarters of Psi Phi Labs in Dehradun was a very instantanous decision for me. The idea of working the cool breeze of Himalayas has always been one of my college day fantasies. Working from Bangalore was undoubtedly great. But here it’s incredible.

I never ever thought that there are any limits to what I can achieve, and here working with an awesome team proves that again and again for me. 90+ hours of changing the world per week, are awesome. The freedom of startups is impossible to match. We don’t do things because we got to do, but because we want to.

Enjoying the peace of this place, these beautiful moonlit nights and cool breeze blowing on my face and through my hair at nights is something impossible for employees of big companies.

Freedom is living free of all the limitations that world imposes on you. Because there are none. And we really are free.

04 Oct 2013

The world will always become more beautiful

Augmented Reality, is what we talk/think of these days. People all around the world are building technologies to make machines really come into human environment. The day is not far when the world would be a Matrix of interfaces all around you, responding and helping you all the time. Hang on! Don’t worry, the great designers won’t make them irritating.

Technology has been changing lives since long ago. There was a time when even wheel was seen as a technology. To generation of today, a touch screen is an obvious thing (yeah! it’s true, children these days go to the TV screen and swipe for the next channel, they seriously are disappointed when it doesn’t). For us, touchscreen is something that changed the whole world.

But just imagine to be able to work on something like that. That would be obvious in near future. Something that would become transparent, that would go unnoticed in near future(in our lifetimes). Then we would say that Technology is at its best.

That’s what we do at PsiPhi Labs. We take up challenges, and try to make them things possible not only by doing them better than others, but by doing them the way they should be. That’s why we are gonna change the world. And that’s why it would be a better place for you, me and everyone else.

~ Feelings @ Google Hackathon

13 Aug 2013

When I see people dreaming

I see people dreaming,
Dreaming from start to the end.
Dreaming of changing the world,
Dreaming of Flying high.
But then they wake up,
to see the door slid open,
To let some people come in, and others go out.
The door closes again and take them high.
Higher than their dreams were.
Yes, they WERE, now they have vanished seeing the door open again,
and watching their seat that earns them their Ferrari,
and makes them live in a million dollar mansion,
and buys them the suits,
and gives Christmas gifts to their kids,
and get loved by spouse,
and also, get the pills to sleep.
But I also see people, fighting for their existence,
who also dream,
but see no goal,
and just know why they do what they do,
the people who are happy being someone,
and not becoming,
who go to bed every night with pleasure,
knowing what they did today made this world a better place.

And then I wonder, what if one of them never existed,
Could other exist? My conscience says no.
One of them makes other one special,
Everyone has their own way of finding the special ones.

07 Jun 2013

People I see, are sad

For the Sunday ended, and tomorrow’s monday.
For the Sunday ended, and didn’t go the planned way.
People I see are Sad.

Sunday, a day we all wait for. But it doesn’t every time go the same way we plan it. And people become sad for that.
I have a great friend, who says “Bahut saara kaam karna hai, mazaa ayega”(We got to do a lot, it’ll be fun). But there is someone I care about, who is sad for the Sunday ended and sees work tomorrow.

Sometimes i think it’s all about the world view. But isn’t it that we are being for happiness? Or are we just running to Become happy?

I think we are all wasting our lives to become happy and forget being happy.

Just realize that the only reason behind sadness is you.
Let no one else control YOUR emotions except YOU, and see what follows.

07 Jun 2013

Start-up is a philosophy

It’s not been long since I came to Bangalore and started working on Dronna . I am having great experiences here. As usual, a start-up offers more than just polish your skills and salary. In a start-up you can build yourself, not just professionally/academically but personally and spiritually. Starting to work on a start-up and burning midnight oil to see the seeds grow into a tree is more of a spiritual journey than a materialistic one. Of course, every start-up doesn’t aim to create a change, some of them are just pursuits of Money. But start-ups like Dronna, which have the dream of creating an impact so to change our lives for good, don’t ever think of just making money(we see it as the need, not a want).

When you make things you never thought you could; making things easier for thousands of lives; you realize, you realize that You are working ON a start-up not FOR it, unlike any other job you take up. Here you will experience what people are, what is their power and where they use it. Probably, I would never be as popular as other entrepreneurs out there, but the question is ‘Do I really need to be ?’ and more than that ‘Do I want to be ?’. For me, the answer is no. In a start-up you know, you are not doing things for your fame or riches. You are doing it because that’s what you want to do, that’s what satisfies you. Isn’t that where a spiritual journey takes you to, Ultimate Satisfaction.

You may have great skills, good at marketing, amazing at managing your subordinates. But still, you cannot start up, if you miss a very important ingredient - Philosophy. You need to be a great philosopher in order to do it. Not everyone can believe in “Never Give Up”, “Think positive” and other phrases and great quotes. A philosopher possesses an unmatched urge to explore and learn everything.

People don’t lack strength, They lack will.

03 May 2013

The way we are (or become)

In today’s world can we imagine ourselves living without phones ??? Of course not!!! We setup a meeting with a friend at 5, and at 5 call him/her and ask about the same. Isn’t it ?

So is it just convenience or are we seriously missing something. I feel its the latter one. I lived without a phone for the last week. It was so amazing. No alerts, no pokes, no notifications, no messages, no phones, basically no disturbances. I checked my mail whenever I wanted to, I rarely used Facebook, I talked to people with full involvement.

I was talking to someone very close to my heart today. I talked to her over the phone.(I am writing this blog too on a phone) After a long time we shared things, events, plans, ourselves.(although we talked for an hour or so, she said that I don’t have enough to talk about)

Now, think of this for a moment, you actually find time for people. You go to a fine place a restraunt, may be a beach, may be mountains, whatever place you think is the best for you. Sit there and talk. Will the person still say that you don’t have much to talk about ??? I guess not.

“Life is short, for following your heart. But too long if you don’t. The same time can be priceless being short and worthless being long. Live the life you always dreamt of, not what others dream of you.”

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