Art of the march

An archive of the posters that people carried and displayed at March for Women in Boston in 2016.

Story of swords of Middle-earth

A visual representation of swords in the fictional universe created by JRR Tolkien.

Hubway bike exploration

An exploration of a hubway a bike's data for the year of 2016. Hubway is a bike sharing service in Boston, MA.

Sundarbans | Brand design

This project aimed to create a visual brand for Sundarbans, a UNESCO world heritage site in Bangladesh. Sundarbans is the largest delta forest in the world.

Christmas stickers

A free-time visual project born out of random sketches close to Christmas 2017.

Romania | Infographic

Visual representation of statistics of Romania in 2016. The poster also compares Romania along with its neighbouring countries.

It's my time

A visualisation of my own media consumption data for a week.

A little about my travels

A project about 3 trips that I took from my apartment in Boston. All three trips are of different scale — within the city, within the country, and abraod.